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I have to write more than 750 in less than 12 hours.

Fuck me and my procrastinator ways.


"…the crickety cricket stuff.."

Time Crash - 17th Nov, 2007


Stephen Amell at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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too hot for ugly people too ugly for hot people

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since so many people are a fan of my insults, i’ve made a curse-free insult generator at the request of a very enthusiastic anon

here u go, bud

obtuse cantaloupe

Superfluous curtain rod

What, is it locked? Jammed! The wood’s warped.

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I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate the periods in our life when our noses aren’t runny. Is your nose runny right now? No? Think about that. Honestly reflect on it. Enjoy this era of peace. There are dark times on the horizon